We offer a diagnoses service that measures the development level of the organizations’ innovative culture, to determine its propensity to innovate, identify the strengths and improvement opportunities and design a strategic plan of concrete actions towards measurable and effective results.

The report is made through an online survey based on the Innoquotient methodology, created by Professors Jay Rao and Joseph Weintraub of Babson College in Boston and Fran Chuan of Dicere Global.

This methodology is the only one worldwide that diagnoses the innovative climate of the organizations.

The questionnaire evaluates the 6 fundamental blocks of the culture of innovation.

  • Valores
  • Behavior
  • Climate
  • Resources
  • Processes
  • Results

Each of them are focused on 3 factors for innovation, which refer to 3 elements making a total of 54 key elements to innovate.

The organizations participating in the assessment receive:

  • Workshop on sensitization and induction to de culture of innovation.
  • Quantitative report (ICI) with statistical analysis of results and identification of strengths and improvement opportunities.
  • Qualitative report (AP) with the recommendations to maximize strengths and manage the improvement opportunities for the development of the innovative culture.
  • Benchmark report (EB) with the average data of the companies participating in the study.